Motorola’s Body Worn Camera for Retail Operations

At retail locations all over the world, front line workers and associates have been asked to take on new, challenging roles. Mask enforcer, capacity monitor, conflict resolver, security and more. In many cases, these employees are faced with the difficult task of denying entry or service to people who refuse to follow the new rules and standards set in place to keep everyone safe. These encounters also have potential legal ramifications for the individuals and companies involved.

That’s where Worn Body Camera Technology can help. WiFi-enabled cameras can be worn by associates, and activated only when needed. An associate can simply press record and document any interaction with a customer so that there is a clear record of the incident. Installation and operation are simple and straightforward. The data which is recorded is not only valuable after the fact, but it also could help de-escalate a tense situation and avoid conflict. If customers are aware they are being recorded, they may choose to adhere to the rules, or leave peacefully. The videos can be accessed through a centralized system — and if needed — the system can trigger an alert through a security office.

The success of brick and mortar retail locations depends on the staff being able to concentrate on their most important task — servicing customers efficiently and in a manner that encourages repeat business. This new technology allows associates to put their energy toward customer satisfaction, and it helps alleviate the added stress that many are feeling these days.

Learn morn about Motorola’s VT100 Body-Worn camera and how you can help keep retail associates safe.