Summer’s Here! Get the Most Out of Your Retail Employees

Summertime is on the horizon and most people have put their brains in vacation mode. As we enter the scorching hot summer season, retailers will face the daunting challenge of keeping their retail associates motivated and focused on the job instead of on the beach, pool parties and other fun outdoor activities.

For many retailers, the summertime can have a significant impact on performance results and revenue. Keeping this in mind, retailers should implement creative strategies to motivate their associates when working may be the last thing on their minds. With the right plan, retailers can leverage employee engagement to drive business growth.

So how can retailers continue to motivate and get productivity out of their retails associates in the summertime? Here are three things retailers should consider to attract and keep associates productive during lazy summer months.

Putting your best foot forward. When it comes to attracting summer hires, how you write and present the job description can affect the likelihood of getting the right person to apply for the job. Portray your store’s image in the best possible light to attract quality candidates. In addition to the job description, retailers should encourage employee referrals by asking their existing associates if they know someone good for the role. Research shows getting a referral is a faster way to hire and generally produces a better hire.

Offering flexible hours. Nearly 40 percent of retail associates report that unpredictable work hours wreak havoc on their personal lives. Offering flexible hours is a great way to help your retail associates balance their summer fun while maintaining their work responsibilities. Keeping in mind that not every type of retail role is suitable for leaving work early on Fridays, for example, offering flexible hours is a great way to make your associates feel appreciated.

Keeping them accountable. Every retailer has a different performance review process. Some review their associates at the end of every year, while others conduct reviews on their yearly start dates. If you are looking to motivate your retails associates during the summer months, try moving the annual review process to July. This will inspire associates to keep their minds on their jobs and may even motivate them to exceed sales expectations, instead of constantly daydreaming about getting to the barbecue on time.

The idea of summer brings thoughts of palms trees and breathtaking beaches. While losing productivity during the summer months is reality for many retailers, there are many options to help your company overcome the inevitable summer slump. Although you can’t bring sand to the store, you can surely create an atmosphere that motivates and encourages retail associates to stay fully engaged.

Summer's Here! Get the Most Out of Your Retail Employees

Retailers should implement creative strategies to motivate their associates when working may be the last thing on their minds..