Each product in LNL’s FlorComm suite adds value
through connectivity, incorporating the broader
Internet of Things for retailers. Linked devices
powering your sales floor deliver greater value to
your customers—and more dollars to your bottom line.


FlorComm Service and Suite of Products
FlorComm is LNL’s signature service that includes training your sales force to use an integrated suite of products to create a Smart Sales Floor.
LNL Systems' FlorChat products

Teamwork Thrives on Instant Communication

FlorChat devices are two-way radios that keep sales associates in immediate touch with managers and with each other. They enable staff to stay on the floor with customers, eliminating wasted steps, and they minimize the need for noisy PA interruptions. For managers, FlorChat dual-mode phones add a PBX (store phone system) connection for communications with the home office and with outside callers. FlorChat devices can also receive activity alerts from sensors, cameras, and FlorCall buttons, as well as online orders via the FlorLink SmartHub.
LNL Systems' FlorAlert products

Activate the Retail Internet of Things

As information flows in from your local “Internet of Things”—motion sensors, security cameras, thermostats, and beacons—FlorAlert sends immediate customized messages to associates’ devices. This optimizes coverage for understaffed areas, discourages shoplifting, and monitors entry doors and cash offices. FlorAlert directs the right staff to the right spot at the right time, which in turn offers new upsell opportunities and helps close sales of complex products.

FlorLink SmartHub

Brick-and-mortar retailers have unique customer-experience advantages that the right technology can help support, and LNL’s FlorLink SmartHub platform maximizes your investment in a smart sales floor.
Motion/pressure/infrared sensors, cameras, thermostats, and beacons are IoT “eyes and ears” that monitor aisle activity and improve security. FlorLink SmartHub pairs with all these devices. It sends customized notifications to associate devices such as FlorChat radios or tablets, directing help to understaffed zones, curbing shoplifting incidents, and watching entry doors and cash offices. FlorLink SmartHub also gets the right people to the right location at the right time, which helps close more complex-product sales and offers new upsell opportunities.
Linked to the home office by cellular and/or company wired network, FlorLink SmartHub uploads device and activity data for consolidated analysis and trend-spotting.
FlorLink SmartHub can be configured to automatically forward online order notifications to associates’ devices for item picking and consolidation, closing the critical “click ‘n’ collect” omnichannel loop.
By design, FlorLink SmartHub is a rules-based (if-this-then-that), open-architecture platform, shipping with a published API (Application Program Interface) specification so that third-party vendors can integrate their devices and software. Its programmability also means that future devices can be added without replacing the SmartHub.
LNL Systems' FlorCall products

Give Customers Control

With LNL’s FlorCall buttons, customers can summon associates from fitting rooms or any store location. The simplest version is a battery-operated, one-way device that signals FlorChat radios. Other versions enable two-way sales conversations, output to display monitors, passive motion detection to determine occupancy, and activity/response-time reporting for later FlorData analysis.
LNL Systems' FlorData products

Capture and Analyze IoT Events

For some clients, FlorLink SmartHub’s most valuable capability will be data capture. Once data has been securely uploaded to the Cloud, corporate analysts can study historical trends and project future patterns by category, store, region, and enterprise. With a hierarchical login system, some reports are read-only to specific users, while others can create ad-hoc reports as well as configure device parameters, triggers, and specific messages.

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