Speed, excitement and personalization – the future for retail technology

Retail has come a long way from service across mahogany counters and cash delivered to sales assistants by pneumatic tube.  As technology has made omni-channel retail an ever-more dominant reality in our own time, the industry is having to get to grips with rapidly changing consumer expectations.  Increasingly it no longer matters to consumers whether […]

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LNL Systems: Optimizing Sales Floor Communication

In the race to provide a personalized customer experience, retailers face ultimate tests—from customer retention to premium customer service and inventory management to employee productivity—during their daily retail operations. To overcome these challenges, managers are leveraging technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, and beacons to implement a more customer-centric sales floor strategy. […]

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OmniChannel Model Challenges Retailers’ Battle Against Loss Prevention

Retail is full of acronyms. There’s POS (point of sale), CRM (customer relationship management) and KPI (key performance indicator), old-line terms associated largely with physical stores. But what about BOPIS, BOSS and BORIS? “Buy online pickup in store,” “buy online ship from store” and “buy online return in store” mean a retailer is operating in […]

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The Magic Of Bluetooth Beacons

2016 is going to be the “Year of the Beacon”, or at least the beginnings of mass beacon deployment. Beacons are part of the latest version of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BT-SIG) Low Energy (BLE) specification. In simplest terms, beacons are broadcast from a piece of hardware to the nearest portable electronic device—think the cell […]

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How Technology is Transforming the Retail Sales Associate Role

Online shoppers may have broken records over the holidays, spending over $4.5 billion over Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day, but it turns out that consumers still love their brick-and-mortar: According to Gartner analyst Kelsie Marian, the physical store still brings in the largest portion or retail revenue — around 72 percent. And, even though most customers have had an […]

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Emerging Trends in Customer Experience for 2016

2016 will be a year when many niche innovations in customer experience will become mainstream as consumers expect more out of their shopping experiences, forcing traditional retailers to step up or risk becoming irrelevant. Marketplace buzzwords and emerging trends, such as personalization and seamless mobile access, will become table-stake elements of the customer experience. Here […]

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