Need To Monitor Customer Capacity In Your Retail Location?


Capacity Alert™ by LNL SYSTEMS LLC.

Shopping as we know it has changed.
Social distancing is now paramount to a successful shopping experience, for both customer and retailer. It is incumbent on store associates to manage defined customer capacity at all times. Rather than have an associate stand outside all day, an automated system is more cost-effective, efficient, and beneficial.
LNL systems’ Capacity Alert™ automatically tracks customers entering and exiting a location and triggers a message when occupancy levels have been met. Associates will be alerted through various methods including two way radios, overhead speakers, PA systems, mobile devices, and more. A red flashing light or display message can notify customers that it is not okay to enter. Once capacity levels reach a lower limit a second alert can trigger, and the customer light will turn green signifying it is ok to enter.
Real-Time Data for Your Customers
Customer count and capacity information can be integrated with website data offering customers a view into the occupancy levels at a nearby store based on past and present data.
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