LNL Systems delivers the most comprehensive
portfolio of smart devices, platform integration,
and analytics that retailers use to profit from the
Internet of Things.

About Us

Who is LNL?

LNL Systems has emerged as an innovator and leader in the retail-technology space. The company offers highly configurable products that enhance sales floor communication, efficiency, security, and management control. As IoT sensors, beacons, and cameras proliferate, retailers with FlorLink SmartHub in every location will integrate them with store associate devices such as two-way radios and tablets—and upload their data for Cloud analytics.


LNL’s well-known customers throughout the United States and Canada include:
Happy LNL Systems Customers
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Why is LNL unique?

No one else in the industry has LNL’s exclusive focus on smart sales floor technology to improve the shopping experience and leverage staffing. Through collaborative planning, staged rollout, and superb after-sale support, LNL ensures that customers see an almost immediate ROI.
With the arrival of FlorLink SmartHub, major retailers now have an affordable platform on which to multiply the value of every device on the sales floor—and from which to extract actionable business intelligence.
With years of experience helping retailers in a diverse range of apparel, specialty, multi-department, and grocery categories, LNL offers an unmatched perspective on equipment choices for specific business goals, technical integration for headache-free rollouts, and staff training to maximize the investment.

Our Core Values




Improve, grow, and protect our foundation
  • I work to control organizational expenses
  • I look for opportunities to grow the business
  • I nurture customer relationships




Delivering the wow
  • I deliver the extra 10% consistently
  • I present sharp professionalism in all my engagements
  • I exude positive energy and a can-do attitude




Honor commitments
  • I am competent in my role
  • I consider the interests of everyone, even when they are not there
  • I do the right thing, even when it’s difficult




Deliver results
  • I set clear expectations and results
  • I plan the work and work the plan
  • I overcome obstacles consistently
  • I communicate project outcomes




Never settle
  • I consistently ask: how does this become even better?
  • I pursue and strive for personal growth
  • I pay attention to the details




Love what we do
  • I smile. A lot.
  • I think outside the box
  • I don’t sweat the small stuff
  • I’m quick to forgive




Ensuring the well-being of others
  • I listen to understand
  • I actively build relationships
  • I look for creative solutions and outcomes
  • I pursue opportunities to make a difference

LNL plans the work, and works the plan.

Our seven-factor methodology scales to any implementation target.
  1. Analysis: Determining custom implementation needs
  2. Evaluation: Product testing at several store locations
  3. Deployment: A chain-wide program tailored to staffing and timing
  4. Training: Pre-sales staff familiarization and customer service
  5. Support: Store-level, call-in technical help
  6. Reporting: Monthly shipping and warranty-status data
  7. Warranty: Defective products replaced during and after warranty period

What drives LNL?

LNL is dedicated to creating an energetic, profitable business that:

(1) Puts its customers first
“When we contacted some of LNL’s current customers, we heard nothing but extremely positive feedback. Since selecting LNL as our communications partner, I can confirm that they have met and exceeded our expectations.” – Under Armour
(2) Partners with best-in-class manufacturers
“LNL knows exactly how to get the most out of our equipment. And we learn what retailers want next from LNL’s savvy input.” – Motorola Solutions
(3) Gives back to the local community
“Our organization counts on businesses like LNL to support its local efforts. They’re always willing to help out when we need it.” – Natick Lions Club

LNL Systems. Powering the Smart Sales Floor.


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