FlorLink SmartHub Triggers Timely
Assistance For Customers

FlorLink SmartHub Raises
Your Sales Team’s IQ

FlorLink SmartHub Drives
Teamwork and Productivity

FlorLink SmartHub Enhances
Your Loss Prevention Tools

FlorLink SmartHub Connects
The Internet of Things

FlorLink SmartHub: The first IoT platform that powers the retail sales floor.

Team communications, empowered-consumer, and Internet of Things technologies are converging on your sales floor. LNL’s exclusive FlorLink SmartHub—the “brains” of the FlorComm product suite—collects, connects and routes these inputs so you can optimize the customer experience, identify trends, and boost profits. We’d love to show you how your store can immediately benefit. Tell us when you want to see a demo.

FlorComm Solutions

Specialty & Apparel

Apparel, Footwear, Sporting Goods, Furnishings, Office Supplies, Convenience, Cookware…


Big Box Stores, Warehouse Clubs, Appliances, Electronics, Home Improvement…


Produce, Packaged Goods, Pharmacy and Beauty, Refrigerated Products…


FlorComm Products



Keeps sales associates in instant, two-way communication with managers and each other. Lets staff stay on the floor with customers, saving wasted steps.



Transforms sensor, camera, online, and beacon input into radio messages to associates. Brings associates to understaffed areas as needed and discourages shoplifting.




Lets shoppers summon assistance in fitting rooms or from pickup areas. Builds customer satisfaction, loyalty, and sales. No PA means a more pleasant experience overall.




Summarizes interior and exterior FlorCall button activity patterns by time of day. Monitors associate response times to improve customer service. Provides data for staffing coverage.


Case Study: Fanatics


Activate the Retail Internet of Things

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